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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bounce Bitch.

My Friday night blogging failed. :(

Anyway, I've decided to sum up my week in the form of a video. Filmed on a Sony Erocsson Cyber-Shot, with music off my iTunes, staring me and my friends and some wind-up space hoppers, I'm sure you'll agree it's Oscar worthy... no? Oh... 

No space hoppers were harmed in the making of this film.

Audio: Bitch - Plastiscines.
Bounce - System of a Down.

As well as camping in a garage and playing with toys, I've also quite gotten into Example this week. Yeah, I know, a little bit chavy but I do love the lyrics "Blog spot, reclaimed the top spot, came down and Kate Moss'd your TopShop" and "Rap Velociraptor", though my friends think I'm weird.

I also bought Klaxons' second album, Surfing the Void.  A lot more heavier and guitar driven than Myths of the Near Future in some places,  but still pretty epic. Defo seeing them at Norwich in November. Saying that, I found it was easier to get in to the album with it on shuffle along side their first album on iTunes. I don't think as an album the tracks are able to stand out individually on a first or second listen. However, giving it a mix-up I was able to have a very enjoyable Klaxons cocktail. 

Due to Henrybaby's (the bf ;) ) man-crush on Micheal Cera, I was dragged out to see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, which was pretty good. Or as it says on the website which I just checked out http://www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com/ : "An epic of epic epicness". I am very jealous that Scott has a Rickenbacker bass. I got pretty excited to hear Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea played in the background too. Parts of the film did drag a little, especially a couple of the jokes, but overall very funny enjoyable film. Very well made and would definitely see it again if I had cash. Or may just buy the dvd.

Right, better get on. Probably should eat lunch and then try and finish this personal statement for uni. Yay. Oh god, and I've got English coursework to plan. Should really stop leaving things to the last week of summer hols...




Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The New Generation - Boy Bands, mhmmm ;)

The New Generation
July 2009

Yes, it is official, the boy band is back.

Take That; Boyzone; Westlife; ‘5ive’; Blue; A1; ‘N Sync; Backstreetboys... all warmed the hearts of teenage girls and boys alike across the British Isles and America, let alone the rest of the world, throughout the 90s and into the early 2000s. However, as these fresh faced lads with fancy dance moves and six packs so defined you could see them through their shinny white suits began to fade away and ‘split up’, a new generation of ‘Boy Band’ rose from their ashes.

This time, the fancy dance moves were swapped for guitars and drum sticks, and messy hair and poorly grown teenage stubble was chosen in favour of shinny white suits. These were the ‘Pop Rock’ boy bands – Busted, McFly, and Rooster to name the more successful – who essentially did the same job as their predecessors. They were good looking, poster worthy lads, and taking pride of place above the bed and kissed good night before you went to sleep. They were local radio station friendly and toured across the country performing at the large arena venues, occasionally appearing on Top of the Pops and Saturday morning kids’ shows. The songs were catchy. Mums approved of them. Let’s be honest, even I am not ashamed to admit as a 12 year old girl I saw Mcfly at Wembley arena pavilion. I even have the ticket on my bedroom wall still.

But something wasn’t quite right, and although they enjoyed chart success and multiple TV appearances over the period of two, three years, they just seemed to... fade away.

Recently we have watched the likes of Take That, Boyzone and even New Kids On The Block come marching back over the pop horizon, as if the Pop Rock era had just been babysitting the charts while they had a little break to start a family, get married, have a failed solo career (with the exception of Robbie Williams, although, where has he been hiding recently?), etc, etc. But let’s face it, their six packs are now beer bellies, and if they were to carry out any fancy dance moves, they would be making a quick visit to the chiropractic afterwards. No longer do they warm the hearts of the teenage crowd, but more like those belonging to the approving mothers. To be honest, they’re more ‘Middle Aged Man Bands’ than ‘Boy Bands’.

So, is the Boy Band actually back then? Well, of course this isn’t the 1990s anymore, in fact, soon we will be almost two decades away, but there is one hope – JLS. Signed to Epic Records, they were the runners up in 2008’s X Factor, the show we all love to hate, but watch anyway. They are four, smashingly good looking young lads, so that’s box one ticked. You can put them above your bed and kiss them good night (box two). They can dance incredibly well, and the recent single ‘Beat Again’ is so catchy that even I – who, if given the dilemma of choosing between Marilyn Manson or N Dubz tickets, would choose to see Manson, despite thinking he’s a bit of a tit to be honest - can’t help but sing along to (three, four). It is Radio Heart friendly and sure to do very well among the current teenage generation of Britain, especially the girls no doubt. And don’t worry, for yes, they will be approved by your mum, as member Aston Merrygold appeared on children’s program Fun Song Factory as a 16 year old (ahh, number five). So if you think you recognise him from anywhere teenagers of Britain, you watched him on your TV screens as little kid.

There are no guitars or drum sticks insight, no messy hair and stubbles, they’re just perfectly styled and shaved. Yes, JLS are a Boy Band, no question about it. But will they last? And is this the start of a Boy Band revival? Not the revival we’ve just had, no, more of a Renaissance, a re-birth of something old, but yet, completely new. Or is this just a blip in the ever changing music industry? Either way it was good while it lasted before and it will be good again.

Back For Good?
August 2010

A few things have changed since I originally wrote this piece as just a bit of something to pass the time.
 Every mother and daughter will be pleased to know, JLS are still going strong (unusual for an XFactor finalist, I know). However, I can’t help but gather visions of the lads dancing as nuns with the von Trapp family every time I hear their most recent offering to the pop chart. New single “The Club is Alive” uses a clever lyric sample from The Sound of Music (yes, from the musical), the original lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.  Can you guess the clever lyrics? No? “The club is alive with the sound of music”. Catchy, hey? And I think everyone will be pleased to hear that a second album is due to be released November 2010. YAY!

But my purpose for adding an extra chapter to this is not to talk about JLS, no, I’m here to write about Robbie William and McFly! I previously wrote that good old Robbie and McFly seemed to have faded away a year ago, drowned by the new boy band wave. But I was wrong...

Let’s start with McFly. Now on their own label Super Records, the “boys” have a brand new website and supported by some smart new haircuts and a new “super hero” image. Hmm, interesting but I must say, they are looking very *mmmm*, now all grown up and able to grow a full set of face fuzz; they can come to my rescue any day. The website is quite fancy too, check it out http://www.mcflyofficial.com/ (and I think you will understand the “super hero” image).  But don’t let this fool you! The cheeky devils are playing JLS at their own game. Come back single “Party Girl” is a lot more synth driven than your traditional “5 Colours” and “Star Girl” with some quite pretty vocal harmonies. In fact, the first time I heard the track I thought it was just a slightly heavier JLS offering. It’s quite a repetitive track to be honest and there does seem to be quite a bit of production on the vocals and drum track. Although saying this, after a few Radio One plays it has actually begun to grow on me like an unwanted wart, which although you know you should really get rid of, you kind of have a sentimental attachment to it. And it’s not void of guitars completely. If anything, the chorus is quite heavy with guitar. But the video... well, it’s almost like watching an episode of Being Human, which I’m not complaining about... but let’s just say it’s a good job I’m not 12 anymore (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrn6BbM0TRQ). Pwhaor.

And Robbie? I hear you ask. Sorry girls, but he has finally tied the knot. Yes, Robbie Williams actually has gotten married (and not to Fearne Cotton) and also has produced a couple of good come back singles too. But that is what the point is not. HE’S REJOINED TAKE THAT! O.M.G! No joke! Totally serious!  Take That are once again a five piece. Oh, how happy my mother is. The band have written and recorded an album which is set for release for later on in the year.  

So I take that all back, it seems we are going back to the future (shu-boom-doom). The pop rock boy bands are still hanging around, although a bit more grown up and perhaps not suitable for the 12 year old market anymore. The Middle Aged Man Bands are still holding their top spot, fully reunited with no plans to go anywhere just as of yet. And the actual boy bands, well they’re still going, sitting comfortable in the charts. A little part of me feels very content; knowing three generations of “boy band” can live peacefully side by side, it brings a tear to my eye.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Friday night (Saturday morning) blog / Blog My Life 1

Good evening my blog stalking friends!

I have decided that the best way to go about this blogging business is to write a weekly update about the exciting , adventurous life I lead. Seeing as Friday evening generally seems to be the evening in which my brain is unable to engage with anything other than a computer screen, this is probably the most suitable time to do it. Unfortunately, this evening I have discovered that in actual fact, it's Friday evening that my brain engages with anything other than what I intended to being doing. I've been logged into blogger for the past hour and during that time I've discussed the prospect of being a slutty bridesmaid on facebook, MSNed, made a "tweet", loved an Example track on last.fm, taken a couple of pictures of my goldfish (yes, really), flicked through this week's NME, discovered a spot on my shoulder and almost finished a large packet of Cola Bottles (god, they are good). Yet this is all I've managed to write. At this rate it will be a Saturday morning blog, which really doesn't have the same sexy ring to it...

Hang on, I'm writing a "Friday night blog"... I officially have no social life. In that case, I propose that I write a weekly update at some point between the Friday and Sunday evening. Ohhh, that makes me sound a whole lot cooler. In fact I may even write two blogs! Yes, one on the Friday evening (of course, only if there happens to be a gap in my diary that day giving me time to do it) and one at the end of the weekend. Sunday night is not a time for partying. No! It is a day of rest, therefore the evening must be spent watching Songs of Praise, Antiques Road Show and Countryfile! So that's, what, a good three/four hours of faceb- sorry, blogging time.

Let's get to the point.
After arriving back from France at the weekend, I had the brilliant idea of setting up a blog! Enough said.
Well, Monday was spent visiting family during the day, and in the evening my beautiful boyfriend cooked me dinner, which was eaten whilst watching Hollyoaks; we are a romantic pair.
Tuesday I gained two new friends - Black Jack and Fruit Salad, my absolutely awesome goldfish! I also saw Toy Story 3 with the bezzie. That film is made for 17 year olds, not 7 year olds! I will add a picture of my goldfish at some point.
Wednesday... umm, oh yeah! After over a year I finally cleared out all my high school stuff.
Thursday was As results. 4 Bs, pretty pleased with that I have to say :) and then hung with my homies.
Today - dentists, and my teeth are perfect, as normal ;) And the evening with the bf, watching more Hollyoaks and Robot Wars on Dave.

Well, what an interesting week and blog... not. To be fair I had to rush this one as now it is actually gone midnight and now Saturday, and I've spent most of my time pissing about. So next time I blog my life, I Brownie Promise to do it properly and make it interesting and exciting, attention grabbing and jaw droppingly outrageous... now that's given you something to look forward to ;) Maybe I wont do it on a Friday night, but I will try and do a regular up date... hopefully. Oh well, it's a start.

Ssej x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Some holiday piccys :)

Whilst on holiday this summer I made a few friends...
Mr Peacock...

Mrs Peacock...

A dog.

I met Mr and Mrs Peacock at some open gardens in south west France. I especially love Mrs Peacock. She had jumped up onto the wall quite literally out of nowhere. It was by pure chance that she happened to give me those "evils" as I pointed my camera at her. The image makes me chuckle every time as I can't help but imagine this peacock asking - in a French accent - "What are you looking at, biatch?!". Mr Peacock however, presents himself elegantly as his body curves diagonally across the image, yet the sky in the back ground gives him dominance and authority. The black and white image of the dog mirrors the sad expression in the dogs face... yeah, I took As Photography; I will stop now... actually, the dog was really happy and waved its tail as I went over and had a fuss :) 

The gardens are situated across the cliff tops over looking the Dordogne river and the views are breathtakingly stunning. For miles across the valleys, small town and villages sit snugly between rolling hills and fields. High in the valleys, carefully placed castles and chateaus overlook the land with great pride. 

^Here's some slightly dodgy pictures I took from the gardens. ^

Yeah, I have a thing for taking black and white images. Unfortunately, my Kodak Easy Share doesn't quite have the same quality as a DSLR or Film SLR. I should really save up for my own personal one... anyway, I'll give the images a once over on Photoshop Elements 8 and upload them at a later date.

If you look closely at the colour one however, there's two blue hot air balloons in the background. Can you imagine how spectacular it must be to experience the Dordogne from above, gliding through the open air? I think that's on my list of things to do.

I visited the gardens on a Thursday evening when the path ways are lit up with thousands of candles. As the sun set, the gardens began to take a new, mystical form. The whole atmosphere becomes magical in that way which is slightly eerie and scary, yet also romantic and beautiful; that type of magical where those stomach butterflies are raging a civil war... or maybe that's just me. It's always those moments where you realise that one person, that one special person, you want to share it with is 800 miles away. Hmmm, I'm not sure if that's the best description but maybe a butterfly civil war could be a selling point in a travel brochure.

The dog was tied up out side a little trinket shop in a side alley in a "bastide" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastide the picture on there isn't the same place, but I did visit it :P ). This is the shop enterance. ->
Definitely a Jess type shop :P I do love my jewellery and stuff...

Anyway, all I really wanted to share was the images of the peacocks and dog but this seems to have turned into an essay. Time to finish off.

Ssej X

A blog of some kind...

So, I've decided to start a blog... (wondering eyes, thinking face...)... mainly for the reason that I've decided if I really want to go in to journalism or something along those lines, I need to start being serious about writing... aha, yeah. I've had twitter 18 months and I've made 11 "tweets". Good luck.

This is my plan.

My English teacher said write stuff down, keep a diary or blog or whatever if you want to go into writing of some kind. I seem to spend half my life with my face glued to thousands of megapixels telling me that so-and-so has change their relationship status to "it's complicated", then spending the next hour searching the cyber-world to find out if there are any clues as to why this unexplainable event has happened. Of course, whilst investigating I am also keeping my friend informed of my findings by sending her electronic letters at the speed of light/broadband, signing each one off with a little winking face, like so: ;) Therefore, I came to the conclusion that instead of affectively doing fuck all between the hours of 6pm and midnight, I could spend it by doing something a little more productive. Yes, instead I'm going to tell the WHOLE WORLD how I've done fuck all, all day. Plan. Or I could just keep a blog of bits of writing, events, pictures etc to encourage me to record and collect stuff on a regular basis.

So that's what I'm going to do with this so called "blog". I'm going to add bits of writing such as reviews, ideas, thoughts, diary entries, pictures, links and maybe bits and pieces from college (obviously not whole pieces of work or coursework because that can encourage plagiarism my friends, and is very much frowned upon). Also I may shamelessly use it to plug my band http://www.youtube.com/user/pouttheband facebook: Perfect [pout]. I'm the guitarist. ;)

       This is a blog of some kind. Here we go...