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Monday, 25 October 2010

Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting you in the recent weeks. It isn't that I do not love you any more, it's just I have had very little time to write words worthy enough to sit on your page.

You see, last week I was given two history essays to do, as well as having to finish my coursework draft for English. Then I had to write a commentary on my coursework, which I managed to finish this morning. Music has been taking up a lot of my time - my grade 5 theory exam is in a week tomorrow and I've had to do so much revision for it. I can't help it, Blog, College is a big part of my life.

Not only College, but University now too. I know it was though for you, but UCAS did take up a lot of my time when I sat here at this screen. But it is gone now. The statement. The choices. The grades. Now I am just waiting for the replies. Just to let you know, Chichester have offered me a conditional. And I am sorry that I keep having to go away to look at my choices; it's necessary I do so, to make sure it's the right thing for me. Do you understand, Blog? I want to be happy...

Yes, ok, I have had free time. I wanted to spend this free time with my friends, doing the things I love, like going to gigs. The Joy Formidable were amazing. Ritzy's energy on stage, her presence and her musicianship is incredible. She is one of my heroes. And I got interviewed for the NME! I was in the NME, Blog! Then Manics last Sunday was an experience I will never forget. They are one of Britain's greatest bands. Live, they put on a true show. In his leopard print coat, Nicky Wire struts like a cat on the prowl across the stage, while James Dean Bradfield's vocals spread across the dance floor with such power and clarity. They played all the classics and new ones. They played Roses In The Hospital! Blog, it's one of my favourite songs. I couldn't believe it, I never expected them to play anything off Gold Against The Soul.

My band played another gig the other day, I think you will be pleased to know. We got a really good reception. We hadn't played with any of the other acts up before. I've kept updating you with videos of us though. I hope you have liked them. I always try to keep you posted on Pout.

I have been trying to write something new to put up on here, an article of some sort. I started to review TJF, but just never got around to finishing it, I just haven't had the time. Any time I have had I've tried to catch up with friends or just relax. It is important I get some rest at the moment; I've had a couple of colds recently and from that I caught tonsillitis the other week. It was horrible and I felt rotten for about a week. It was ok though: after a week it went down quite quickly, so in the end I didn't need to to go to the doctors. Unfortunately I am not feeling 100% again, Blog, a bit phlegmy. I want to keep myself healthy over the winter, so I must get plenty of rest.

I promise I will neglect you no longer. It isn't fair on you, you have done nothing wrong. If you do not hear from me in the next few days or so, it is not because I am ignoring you, I am just tied up somewhere (not literally, metaphorically... unless you really do not hear from me in any shape or form, then you may need to come looking), and will get to you with an update as soon as possible, I promise! I do not think we are growing apart, no, I do not think we are going in separate directions. Time has just not been on our side of late. I hope you have appreciated my update this evening though. I do care, I do love you, don't ever forget that. 

For now, Blog, goodbye. I wish you well and long to see you again soon.

Jess X