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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Wagner to Interzone! It's blog time, baby!

This blog is going to go to the rhythm of what ever comes to my mind at the time.

I'm terrible, I truly am.

I keep meaning to write a blog update more often, and yes, I know I keep saying that... gawd darn it.

I also keep saying I will write another article type thing, but of course, I never do; or I start and don't finish. It's the whole time factor, blah blah blah...

From time factor to X Factor (see what I did there?). Currently I'm sitting in the conservatory with the legend that is Wagner parading about on the screen (my mother just said he's entertaining purely for the fact he has bigger earrings than Pat Butcher...). I started to write a piece about X Factor. Yeah, I haven't finished it. *Shifty eyes* But, if it doesn't make this cyber paper, to basically sum up, my debate was: What is the "X Factor"? Is it being able to entertain? Is it having individuality? Quirkiness? Or to be able to sing like every other top ten diva? 'Cause let's face it, that's all that these reality shows seem to be looking for. If not that, a couple of cute looking lads to sell posters. And then it always seems to be those who come third or second who actually make it anywhere. I'm not sure, but if it's not the last option then Wagner seems like the only suitable candidate for the job. Oh, and if you decide to enter as a girl band, good luck.
In other X Factor news, my dad's cousin's daughter, Trudie Le Marie is a head stylist. Here's a video: http://xfactor.itv.com/2010/fashion/viewer/watch_ask-the-expert-week-4_item_201320.htm
and here's her website: http://www.trudielemarie.com/
Unfortunately I don't know her personally; I doubt she even knows of me, but it's still pretty damn awesome ;)

Else where, in the recent weeks I have taken my grade 5 music theory exam (still waiting for results), my driving theory test (which I passed, booyah, now just the actual test...) and I went on a spa day with the bezzies at Centre Parcs. A very chillaxing day. I've also been continuing my gig fest and went to Klaxons at the UEA last night, it was Magik (sha-boom). There's something special about this band. The energy they create on stage bounces straight into the crowed, and they absorb it, thirsty for the adrenaline. The sound is tight, pure and clear and this is reflected straight back through the band's stage presence. This is a gig I was thoroughly impressed by. On stage Klaxon's were joined by ex-DPT guitarist Anthony Rossomando doing all the extra twiddly extra bits. I got a signed poster too. Mmmm, oh yeah.... and from one Dirty Pretty Thing to another, I ordered my Carl Barat ticket this morning. Sexy.

Wagner to Interzone! 

Klaxons' auditions for new front man look promising... 
I wonder if Klaxons' gave Trudie styling tips? Shiny.

Right now, as I've been up and down and not concentrating properly, I'm currently watching a documentary about Take That in black and white, interesting...

I think I'll go now, as I need the loo.

ByeBye, cyber friends,

Ssej xxx