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Thursday, 24 February 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Your Favourite Song: Transmission - Joy Division

30 Day Song Challenge - Your Favourite Song
Transmission - Joy Division
I have too many "favourite" songs for various reasons, but I have chosen Transmission as my favourite for the purpose of the challenge as it contains probably my favourite lyric/line: Touching from a distance, further all the time. Any Joy Division boff will know that Touching From a Distance  is the title of the late Ian Curtis biography, written by his wife Deborah. It is probably one of the most powerful and touching books I have ever read and gives an in depth look into the life of the Joy Division frontman by the person who knew him at his best, and worse. The book became the basis for the biopic Control.
The track was first released in 1979 and re-released in 1980 on Factory Records (Factory FAC 13). It has become an indie anthem and the beginning of the video features John Cooper Clarke performing one of his rambling poems. 

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