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Friday, 4 February 2011

*Thing* of the day (2)... Thatcher vs Scargill - a hair raising experience.

Thatcher vs Scargill - a hair raising experience.

Just a thought really...

Actually, I'm not going to talk about the 1984 Minors' Strike or Maggy Thatcher the Milk Snatcher, or Arthur Scargill and Mrs Thatcher little difference in opinion; nope, more about their hair.

They couldn't have been any more politically further apart, but they did seem to be trending a very similar hair style during the 1980s with a bit of a ginger sweep. Perhaps they had the same hairdresser? Who knows? It's just a thought, but there was definitely something dodgy going on there. At least hair style was something they could agree on...
Scargill:... to the right.

Maggy:... to the left.
Wait a minute...

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