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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bounce Bitch.

My Friday night blogging failed. :(

Anyway, I've decided to sum up my week in the form of a video. Filmed on a Sony Erocsson Cyber-Shot, with music off my iTunes, staring me and my friends and some wind-up space hoppers, I'm sure you'll agree it's Oscar worthy... no? Oh... 

No space hoppers were harmed in the making of this film.

Audio: Bitch - Plastiscines.
Bounce - System of a Down.

As well as camping in a garage and playing with toys, I've also quite gotten into Example this week. Yeah, I know, a little bit chavy but I do love the lyrics "Blog spot, reclaimed the top spot, came down and Kate Moss'd your TopShop" and "Rap Velociraptor", though my friends think I'm weird.

I also bought Klaxons' second album, Surfing the Void.  A lot more heavier and guitar driven than Myths of the Near Future in some places,  but still pretty epic. Defo seeing them at Norwich in November. Saying that, I found it was easier to get in to the album with it on shuffle along side their first album on iTunes. I don't think as an album the tracks are able to stand out individually on a first or second listen. However, giving it a mix-up I was able to have a very enjoyable Klaxons cocktail. 

Due to Henrybaby's (the bf ;) ) man-crush on Micheal Cera, I was dragged out to see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, which was pretty good. Or as it says on the website which I just checked out http://www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com/ : "An epic of epic epicness". I am very jealous that Scott has a Rickenbacker bass. I got pretty excited to hear Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea played in the background too. Parts of the film did drag a little, especially a couple of the jokes, but overall very funny enjoyable film. Very well made and would definitely see it again if I had cash. Or may just buy the dvd.

Right, better get on. Probably should eat lunch and then try and finish this personal statement for uni. Yay. Oh god, and I've got English coursework to plan. Should really stop leaving things to the last week of summer hols...




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