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Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Friday night (Saturday morning) blog / Blog My Life 1

Good evening my blog stalking friends!

I have decided that the best way to go about this blogging business is to write a weekly update about the exciting , adventurous life I lead. Seeing as Friday evening generally seems to be the evening in which my brain is unable to engage with anything other than a computer screen, this is probably the most suitable time to do it. Unfortunately, this evening I have discovered that in actual fact, it's Friday evening that my brain engages with anything other than what I intended to being doing. I've been logged into blogger for the past hour and during that time I've discussed the prospect of being a slutty bridesmaid on facebook, MSNed, made a "tweet", loved an Example track on last.fm, taken a couple of pictures of my goldfish (yes, really), flicked through this week's NME, discovered a spot on my shoulder and almost finished a large packet of Cola Bottles (god, they are good). Yet this is all I've managed to write. At this rate it will be a Saturday morning blog, which really doesn't have the same sexy ring to it...

Hang on, I'm writing a "Friday night blog"... I officially have no social life. In that case, I propose that I write a weekly update at some point between the Friday and Sunday evening. Ohhh, that makes me sound a whole lot cooler. In fact I may even write two blogs! Yes, one on the Friday evening (of course, only if there happens to be a gap in my diary that day giving me time to do it) and one at the end of the weekend. Sunday night is not a time for partying. No! It is a day of rest, therefore the evening must be spent watching Songs of Praise, Antiques Road Show and Countryfile! So that's, what, a good three/four hours of faceb- sorry, blogging time.

Let's get to the point.
After arriving back from France at the weekend, I had the brilliant idea of setting up a blog! Enough said.
Well, Monday was spent visiting family during the day, and in the evening my beautiful boyfriend cooked me dinner, which was eaten whilst watching Hollyoaks; we are a romantic pair.
Tuesday I gained two new friends - Black Jack and Fruit Salad, my absolutely awesome goldfish! I also saw Toy Story 3 with the bezzie. That film is made for 17 year olds, not 7 year olds! I will add a picture of my goldfish at some point.
Wednesday... umm, oh yeah! After over a year I finally cleared out all my high school stuff.
Thursday was As results. 4 Bs, pretty pleased with that I have to say :) and then hung with my homies.
Today - dentists, and my teeth are perfect, as normal ;) And the evening with the bf, watching more Hollyoaks and Robot Wars on Dave.

Well, what an interesting week and blog... not. To be fair I had to rush this one as now it is actually gone midnight and now Saturday, and I've spent most of my time pissing about. So next time I blog my life, I Brownie Promise to do it properly and make it interesting and exciting, attention grabbing and jaw droppingly outrageous... now that's given you something to look forward to ;) Maybe I wont do it on a Friday night, but I will try and do a regular up date... hopefully. Oh well, it's a start.

Ssej x

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