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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Some holiday piccys :)

Whilst on holiday this summer I made a few friends...
Mr Peacock...

Mrs Peacock...

A dog.

I met Mr and Mrs Peacock at some open gardens in south west France. I especially love Mrs Peacock. She had jumped up onto the wall quite literally out of nowhere. It was by pure chance that she happened to give me those "evils" as I pointed my camera at her. The image makes me chuckle every time as I can't help but imagine this peacock asking - in a French accent - "What are you looking at, biatch?!". Mr Peacock however, presents himself elegantly as his body curves diagonally across the image, yet the sky in the back ground gives him dominance and authority. The black and white image of the dog mirrors the sad expression in the dogs face... yeah, I took As Photography; I will stop now... actually, the dog was really happy and waved its tail as I went over and had a fuss :) 

The gardens are situated across the cliff tops over looking the Dordogne river and the views are breathtakingly stunning. For miles across the valleys, small town and villages sit snugly between rolling hills and fields. High in the valleys, carefully placed castles and chateaus overlook the land with great pride. 

^Here's some slightly dodgy pictures I took from the gardens. ^

Yeah, I have a thing for taking black and white images. Unfortunately, my Kodak Easy Share doesn't quite have the same quality as a DSLR or Film SLR. I should really save up for my own personal one... anyway, I'll give the images a once over on Photoshop Elements 8 and upload them at a later date.

If you look closely at the colour one however, there's two blue hot air balloons in the background. Can you imagine how spectacular it must be to experience the Dordogne from above, gliding through the open air? I think that's on my list of things to do.

I visited the gardens on a Thursday evening when the path ways are lit up with thousands of candles. As the sun set, the gardens began to take a new, mystical form. The whole atmosphere becomes magical in that way which is slightly eerie and scary, yet also romantic and beautiful; that type of magical where those stomach butterflies are raging a civil war... or maybe that's just me. It's always those moments where you realise that one person, that one special person, you want to share it with is 800 miles away. Hmmm, I'm not sure if that's the best description but maybe a butterfly civil war could be a selling point in a travel brochure.

The dog was tied up out side a little trinket shop in a side alley in a "bastide" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastide the picture on there isn't the same place, but I did visit it :P ). This is the shop enterance. ->
Definitely a Jess type shop :P I do love my jewellery and stuff...

Anyway, all I really wanted to share was the images of the peacocks and dog but this seems to have turned into an essay. Time to finish off.

Ssej X

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