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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

*Thing* of the day... I want Matilda's magic powers.

The Magic Of Roald Dahl - Matilda.

God knows how many times I read Roald Dahl's Matilda when I was younger. In fact, I was a bit of a Roald Dahl obsessive; they must have been the only books I ever read. Matilda was by far my favourite, I even had the film on VCR. Remember them?! However, the more I read and watched it, the more jealous I became of Matilda's ability to move objects without touching them. And I still am to be honest. Not only would it be totally cool to be able to just move stuff just by looking at it, it would make me mega popular and save a lot of time and effort... Ok, maybe not popular - probably a medical case. But even so, if I could have any super/magical power, I would so have that.

Now Dahl's classic story has been adapted into a musical, being performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company . What makes it even cooler is that Tim Minchin - yes, TIM FUCKING MINCHIN! - has written the music and lyrics. Just plain awesome.   http://www.matildamusical.com/#/behind_the_scenes/watch_videos/video_8/

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