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Monday, 10 January 2011

*Thing* of the day... Sport just got a little more interesting.

Sport just got a little more interesting...

Now, I am no sports expert. I did P.E. in high school and actually quite enjoyed it (accept for gym - I cannot do a roly-poly to save my life - and athletics), especially cross country believe it or not (13th three years running ;) ), but that doesn't mean I actually know anything about it! But what I do know is a) the off-side rule, b) how to play FIFA 09 and c) kinda how cricket works... Therefore, I feel I am at least qualified to suggest that following sportsmen are of an attractive nature in the world of sport:
 Attractive sportsman number 1: Footballer, Simon Lappin.

Steven Finn Image 1 Attractive sportsman number 2: Cricketer, Steven Finn.

That is all.

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